When most people think of an addict going to a drug rehab center, they often assume that the biggest obstacle to treatment would be the addict themselves. However, this is not generally the case, and in a large number of instances treatment is not possible because there is no way to fund it. Drug rehab and alcohol treatment centers can be expensive, and for those individuals that don’t have the money or insurance to afford it, there may be no choice but to attempt a recovery from addiction without help – a task that stands little chance of success. However, there are public programs available and in some cases taxpayer money is set aside to help those with drug addiction or alcoholism problems. Learning about these and other ways of paying for treatment will help determine approximately how much a drug rehab program will cost.,Of all types of rehabilitation services, inpatient treatment is the most intensive and therefore the most expensive. This program is usually 4 weeks in duration, but may be as long as two or even three months, depending upon the individual in question. During inpatient treatment, clients receive therapy and live in the same place. Meals, medications, medical services, transportation and all living arrangements are part of the program. This means that, depending on the locality and services offered, inpatient treatment can cost from $75 to $500 per day. This depends upon a wide variety of factors, but in general is largely determined by the level of service and amenities provided.,Outpatient treatment is a rehab program that allows a user to receive addiction therapies during the day in a structured environment, and then return to their homes in the evening. This type of program also varies in cost based upon level of services provided, with charges for outpatient methadone services being the highest. According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services; “The mean cost per admission was highest for outpatient methadone treatment ($7,415) and lowest for outpatient treatment (without methadone) $1,433). The average cost per outpatient visit for outpatient methadone treatment was $17.78 compared with $26.72 per visit for outpatient treatment without methadone.” Outpatient programs that do not include therapies that utilized addiction treatment medications are generally much less expensive.,Partial Hospitalization programs, also referred to as Day/Night treatment facilities, are essentially a step down from an inpatient program. Clients receive intensive therapies during the day and at night are transported to a structured and supervised sober living environment – similar to college dorm style living. PHP programs vary in cost but can generally be expected to range between the cost of an inpatient and an outpatient program, as Day/Night treatment provides a level of service that is less intensive than the former but more intensive than the latter.,Regardless of the type, most addiction treatment programs are usually paid for with insurance. However, in some cases the policy does not cover the total cost and the client or a supplemental policy will be required to pay for the remainder. For less expensive programs or for those people who have substantial assets, paying cash for a program may be appropriate. But for many people, neither of these options are possible. In cases such as this there are often state or federal programs in place to help people get addiction treatment. Some rehab centers may also provide scholarships to those in need. The best and quickest way to find out is to call a professional rehab center and inquire what programs and types of funding are available.

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