Any surgical procedure is always prone to some complications. Some procedures are better off than others, with fewer chances of problems. However, there are some procedures that are still being perfected, and because of this, complications can occur. Dental implants are in fact, a relatively new procedure, and it does involve inserting a foreign body into one’s mouth, so Richmond dental implants are also not free from complications. This article is not to scare anyone interested in getting dental implants. Rather, it is to educate patients who are looking into Richmond dental implants. Hopefully, this will encourage patients to take better care of them after surgery. Here are common dental implant complications!,1.Nerve damage- nerve damage can be quite common whenever we discuss dental implants. The region between our teeth and nicotine gums are full of nerves and thus nerve damage can be done if implants are grown very close to the nerve, as well as with a few cases, on the top from the nerve. Nerve damage is connected with extreme discomfort and discomfort. In such a circumstance, the implant must be gone to live in a place where there’s no nerve.,2.Peri-implantitis- to put it simply, peri-implantitis is a case of bacterial or microbial infection forming at the site of the implant. This is very common, especially if patients do not exhibit very sanitary measures in taking care of the area affected by the implant. The open wound caused by the surgery can be infected and cause pain and swelling.,3.Sinus problems- Sinus problems may occur for patients that needed implants on the upper part of their teeth.The implant may disturb any of the sinus cavities and cause the irritation. Sinus problems symptoms include sinusitis, or complaints of painful sinuses. Like nerve damage, sinus problems are addressed by removing the implant and slightly moving it to another area.,Any patient who decides to get dental implants has to do so with the awareness of these complications. There may be a chance that these 3 can happen to you, so you must be prepared! If you are really concerned with what might happen to you after the implant then do not hesitate to discuss these things with your personal dentist!

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