Summer might be coming to an end but the great news is you don’t have to go to the seaside to get that beach hair look. However, it is nearly as easy as lazing in the sand. This sexy style works just as well in the cooler months, irrespective of what kind of hair type you have, and the following beauty tips and advice will help you to achieve it easily.,Hair type: fine to medium, straight to loose waves,• Before you go to bed wash and condition your hair but only towel dry it.,• Using a conditioning moose distribute in sections throughout all of your hair. Once this is done comb it in.,• Finally, scrunch your hair then sleep on it.,• Once you wake the next morning your hair will have a texture and volume ready for the beach hair look.,• Twist and curl your hair using a medium size curling iron beginning at your nape. Once at your crown, starting from the roots to the ends, continue to twist and curl your hair.,• Once your hair has cooled down, use your fingers to soften the curls using a greaseless lightweight hair serum.,Hair type: thick, curly to coarse,• As before, shampoo and condition your hair then towel dry before you go to bed.,• In addition, use a relaxing balm and comb this through in order to tame your curls.,• Again, starting at your nape, twist and curl your hair using a medium size curling iron.,• Once your hair has been allowed to cool, use your fingers and a lightweight greaseless hair serum to loosen the curls.,Additional beauty tips and advice,Beauty tips and advice for one step further would involve braiding your hair before going to bed. If you have fine hair, then use a conditioning mousse and, for thick hair, use a relaxing balm. In both cases, apply evenly and comb through. When putting in your braids, start them two inches from your scalp. Remember that the bigger the braid, the bigger the wave and the smaller the braid the more crimped the beach hair look will be. Once you’ve taken out the braids, loosen the waves with your fingers and a lightweight greaseless hair serum.,By following these beauty tips and advice, you can have beautiful ‘just come from the beach’ looks and you don’t have to go to the seaside, all from the comfort of your own home.

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