Achieving an ideal weight and health isn’t just about dropping pounds. Although your figure may slim down drastically in a few short weeks, maintaining that loss is often a life long journey. However, a healthy lifestyle is certainly one expedition that you’ll want to get excited about. With a healthy body come thousands of gifts you may imagine. A long life expectancy, ample energy as well as the ability to live a dynamic lifestyle are just a couple of the perks of great health. By employing a diet devised for the long haul, you’ll start your weight loss journey off on the right foot. The HCG diet was designed for long-term success. Not only does it get the weight off fast, it gives you a formula to keep it off. By following closely the 4 HCG phases, you won’t ever contain the need for dieting over again.,The initial HCG phase includes prepping & loading. This is the time to get ready physically and mentally for your diet. Although you might be anxious to get to the fat loss portion immediately, don’t skip this phase! Being ready for your new life is vital to long-term success. If you’re going to decide on the HCG weight loss plan…do it properly. Many people take advantage of the prepping & loading phase to perform cleanses, take vitamin & mineral supplements, and eat quality foods. Spend time each day preparing yourself mentally for the new healthy life your going to create for yourself. Two days before you begin your second phase, it’s time for you to load. Yes, eat all of the high fat foods you’ll be able to. Bring on the jam-packed baked potato, fried chicken and potato chips. Loading in the fat would actually help you succeed on the weight-loss phase.,Your second HCG weight loss phase is where much of your weight is dumped. We’re talking 1-3 pounds, a day. The HCG drops are taken regularly within this phase. Not only do the HCG drops keep hunger pains away, they also keep you burning off body fat around the clock. Follow the protocol carefully while on this phase and try out the scrumptious HCG recipes provided to you. Within a few days, you’ll see a completely new figure emerge from the mirror.,Your third HCG weight loss phase is introduction back into eating phase. This is where you slowly add food back into the diet. Keep away from the carbs and sugar within this phase. Work your way slowly back into a nourishing means of eating. Don’t assume this phase means heading back out to your favorite restaurant! Remember, the time has come to produce new eating habits. The final phase is merely maintenance. You are now able to add in the carbs, but just the good ones. It’s usually a good thought to keep away from sugars whenever you can. Enjoy fresh produce and the vitality healthy eating is able to bring! The fourth phase has to be your new life style.

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