As we are getting age, our skin bears testament to that reality, despite the fact that you may give yourself a weekly facial, and take care to apply moisturizers and sunscreens on a regular basis. In the fullness of time, everyone’s skin is inclined to develop wrinkles and sagging areas and skin can become affected due to overexposure to the sun, and may start to develop brown spots.,Sometimes you may be left with some residual scarring to the skin if you ever had experienced acne in your teenage years. The good news is that the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center offers skin care treatments that can provide you with several laser skin care treatments that may help with these skin conditions. Our Laser Treatment Center is best performed to make sure that you are receiving professional and expert laser skin care.,One popular cosmetic laser center is for Skin Resurfacing which is also called laser resurfacing or laser peel, utilizes a carbon dioxide laser to remove areas of damaged or wrinkled skin, layer by layer. The treatment can be performed for both men and women wherein the treatment includes areas of fine lines around the mouth and eyes, facial scars, and areas of uneven pigmentation. Fair, healthy, and non-oily skin type will benefit more form this treatment and patients with olive, brown, or black skin may be at risk for pigmentation changes following the surgery. It is therefore, the patient’s skin characteristics should be evaluated prior to treatment.,Other top skin care treatments procedure can be done to reduce varicose and spider veins on the legs. One of the side effects as we age and for those who have spent years in retail sales or as teachers spend a lot of time standing as they perform their work, as a result of all this standing cause for the appearance of varicose veins in the legs, as well as on the arms. Skin Care Clinic will employ laser light to pinpoint those veins, and after three to five treatment sessions and little to no recovery time, those veins can be dramatically minimized or removed.,Our Wake Forest’s skin care treatments offer sclerotherapy for spider veins. A sclerosing solution is injected into the veins of the patients which causes them to collapse and fade from view and this procedure may also gives solution to bothersome symptoms associated with spider veins, including aching, burning, swelling and night cramps.

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