An Eye Exam is a very important part for checking the health of your eye. Regular Eye Exam is a must in all stages of our lives from the period of childhood, adolescence to adulthood. It is highly recommended for those kids who are of six months of age to those who are 3, 6 or 7 years old. Studies reveal that most kids are detected with eye-problems,at a very early age. While some show signs of such eye-problems during their pre-teen days these signs are seen in adults during their early 40s. The eye problems might vary from long-sightedness to shortsightedness or other eye diseases.,Eye Exam is necessary to find out the factors pertaining to such problems that affect the eye. While some of the factors are influenced by the hormonal changes that occur in the body at different stages of our lives, the other reasons can be directly related to age, genetic disorder or previous history of eye problems persisting in the family. That is why repeated eye check up becomes a necessity for determining the proper health of your eye.,There are different types of Eye Exam that are used to detect the problem of the eye. These can range from regular or routine eye check up, Retinoscopy, Refraction, Sit-lamp examination or contact lens examination. It is important to get your Eye Exam done once in every year or in two years in order to avoid any serious damage to your eye. Most of the times people ignore vision problems and take a lot of time in identifying vision related problems as a result the problem further aggravate. So it is always wise to get your eyes checked on regular intervals in order to avoid any further damage.,If you are thinking of buying Contact Lenses, then it is advisable that you get the eye test done specially meant for those wanting to wear contact lens. The test done for measuring figures for Contact Lenses is different from those wearing glass lenses. These Contact Lenses are available in two popular varieties: hard lens and soft lens. Hard lens are those that can be worn for long duration and are meant for regular use. These are made of silicon and they fit the size of the cornea better than those which are soft.,Soft Lense on the other hand are those which are made of a plastic polymer and these are mostly available in disposable variety. These are not preferred for wearing at long duration but they are lighter then those which are hard. Contact Lenses are again available in different colors like light brown. Light green, grey, hazel brown, blue and other alluring shades. Buy those Contact Lenses that have been prescribed for your eyes with the right vision figure. These lenses come along with a lense solution and one has to wash them with this solution and keep them clean to avoid any accumulation of any protein substance to further prevent allergy in the eyes.

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