Will I Have To Buy Special Groceries On The African Mango Plan?,African Mango Weight Loss diet comes in several different forms: a pill, a powder to mix with water or juice and a liquid product. The dosage is 150-350mg thirty to sixty minutes prior to meals with a large glass of room temperature water. The instructions stop there. There are no special foods to shop for, no calories to count, unless you chose to do so, and no need to run out and join the nearest health club or gym, unless of course, this is your choice. Will eating less and exercise help you to lose weight more efficiently? Of course it will. However, the choice is yours and yours alone.,It is the components of the African Mango seed extract that virtually does the work for you. Irvingia Gabonensis is the Latin name for African Mango. It grows on a tree in Cameroon, Western Africa, deep in the dense rainforests. Used for centuries by natives of nearby African Countries for everyday cooking as well as for medicinal properties.,How Does African Mango Work So Well?,African Mango Diet is a phenomenal breakthrough in the fight against obesity, in as much as it does so by precipitating weight loss and promoting excellent health with only one hundred percent pure, natural ingredients, the extract form the seed itself. Nothing else needs to be added to make it better.,Its high content of fiber and healthy fats helps our body decrease our levels of LDL, or bad cholesterol, triglycerides and rids our system of toxins. It also decreases C-reactive protein, which works against the protein hormone leptin. Leptin tells our body when we are full. If this is not working properly, we will keep eating, consuming more calories than necessary. It also raises our levels of leptin, giving us a double advantage.,Another component is Adiponectin. This is a protein hormone which increases the cells that act on insulin. It helps us to expend glucose, lower blood sugars and begin to metabolize fats. This is called thermogenesis. When we are burning fat, we are eliminating belly fat making our waist and hips slimmer. More information can be found in the many African Mango Reviews.

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