There are several reasons to buy a DUI breathalyzer and one of them is to avoid a drinking and driving charge in case you are stopped by traffic cops and you are over the legal limit. Driving under the influence is a serious thing and the least of your worries should be having your driving license suspended.,A driver who is caught drunk driving may have his license docked with points, and a person can suffer serious injuries in a car accident. The economic reason for buying a device to monitor your blood alcohol levels is that your car may become written off.,People have also become disabled as a result of car accidents making them incapable of being in employment, and this may mean loss of income for such people. Car accidents have also claimed the lives of innocent bystanders, or other drivers on the road. In such a scenario it is not uncommon for the driver at fault to be jailed. Drivers have also died as a result of their car rolling over and this is a good reason for buying a device to monitor your blood alcohol levels.,If death occurs as a result of drunken driving think of the number of lives that can be ruined. Children have become orphaned, while newlyweds have been robbed of their soul mates. Promising students have died as a result of road accidents denying them the chance to ever fulfill their potential.,All these reasons should be enough motivation for a driver to consider buying a breathalyzer so that they can monitor and see if they are competent enough to get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Even if a person does not die in the event of a car accident, there are still some consequences if a person is convicted of drunken driving.,Apart from having your driving license revoked, a driver may be forced to pay a huge fine, or having to do community service. This is for the first DUI, and if a driver re-offends then he or she may have to do some time behind bars. A person can even lose his or her job because of a drunken driving conviction.,No driver plans to drive while under the influence of alcohol, the problem is that when a person has had too much to drink the his or her judgement becomes impaired and it is not possible for such a driver to make sound decisions when they get behind the wheel of a car. But if they are drunk, they may think that they are invincible, and it is possible for them to over speed without thinking of the consequences.,This is the reason why a breathalyzer is such a handy device to have in your car if you plan to go out. The alternative would be to get a designated driver, but this may not be possible all the time. Some of these devices are so handy that even ladies can have one in their purses the next time they go out clubbing.

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